Manually Guided Vehicles (MGV) & Automatic Guided Carts (AGC/AGV)

Manually Guided Vehicles (MGV) & Automatic Guided Carts (AGC/AGV). The manually guided vehicle is feature rich and designed for the advanced manufacturing sector who are focused on continuous improvement and can easily and cost-effectively be upgraded to an automatic guided vehicle system. Automotive, Aerospace, and many other manufacturing industries find countless uses for automated and manually guided vehicles.

Please contact our sales office and discuss the idea of using our “try-buy” system where you can apply a test unit right in your own test facility.

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 AGC f/ AGVRoll over Energy vehicleCustom MGV for Safe Handling of Large Heavy Loads2Manually Guided Vehicles (MGV) & Automatic Guided Carts (AGC/AGV)AGC with Conveyor for Food Processing FacilitySpecialized AGC for Transportation of Large EnginesMGV for Large Engine AssemblyAGC for Positioning Large Heavy LoadsHybrid MGV AGC for Handling Aero EnginesMGV for Recreational Vehicle Assembly LineMGV for Side by Side AssemblyCustom AGC for ATV ManufacturingSiemens for web MGV      Remote controlled MGV5FATA MGV6 Engine MGV